Thursday, 20 December 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX POS 2012 Reference Documentation

Developer reference documentation for the .NET Framework classes that are used in our Dynamics AX for Retail Point of Sale application is now available:

This documentation release represents a change in how we document and release developer reference documentation going forward. The content live on MSDN was generated from xml comments from our POS source code.

The retail overview of the point of sales is available on :'s%20New%20in%20AX%202012%20for%20Retail.pdf

Also, the Technical reference for the database and business solution developers is available on :

The following topics are covered:
  • Bar code system
  • Customer operations
  • Rounding settings for item prices and balances, payment methods, and taxes
  • Product dimensions
  • Item discounts
  • Item prices
  • End-of-day procedure
  • Infocodes
  • Logging on and logging off
  • Printer support
  • Staff permissions


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